Pro Bono in Other Provinces

We're proud to be a sister organization to several other provincial pro bono organizations across Canada. Our organizations often collaborate on national projects and conferences.

Pro Bono Law Alberta

PBLA promotes access to justice in Alberta by creating and promoting opportunities for lawyers to provide pro bono legal services to persons of limited means. The PBLA website provides information about pro bono programs available in Alberta, and highlights PBLA’s ongoing efforts to promote pro bono opportunities in the province.


Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan

PBLS is a non-profit organization that improves access to justice in Saskatchewan by creating, facilitating and promoting opportunities for lawyers to provide high-quality pro bono legal services to persons of limited means. The PBLS website provides information about PBLS and the pro bono programs available in Saskatchewan.


Pro Bono Ontario

PBO provides a coordinated approach to the delivery of pro bono legal services in Ontario. PBO works to promote a pro bono culture, develop the pro bono capacity of the private bar, eliminate barriers to participation, and develop pro bono projects that address unmet legal needs in urban and rural communities across the province.


Justice Pro Bono

Justice Pro Bono was created in 2008 (then named Pro Bono Québec) on the initiative of the Barreau du Québec, with the mission to initiate, promote and coordinate pro bono legal work in the province. The Justice Pro Bono website is a meeting place for bringing together and generating pro bono legal initiatives aimed at improving access to justice for citizens across Québec.