Lawyer Referral Service

Our Lawyer Referral Service helps British Columbians find a suitable legal professional to resolve their legal problem. Any BC resident can call us at 604-687-3221 to meet with a lawyer or a lower-cost articling clinician (see below for details).

Free initial meeting with a lawyer or articling clinician
Full range of legal problems
In-person, telephone or online service

Lawyer Referral Service

You can receive 15 minutes of free consultation with an independent and expert lawyer by following these steps:

  1. Call our Lawyer Referral Service telephone line at 604-687-3221 from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.
  2. Briefly explain your legal problem. Our staff will then provide you with the name and contact information of a suitable lawyer to help you.
  3. If schedules allow, your lawyer will provide you with 15 minutes of free consultation to determine your legal needs and how you can serve them. Your lawyer may charge you an hourly rate for any time exceeding 15 minutes.
  4. If you’d like further help from your lawyer, you can retain them at an agreeable rate of charge. There's no obligation for either party to continue after the free 15 minute consultation.

Please don't confuse our Lawyer Referral Service with legal aid. In BC, legal aid is provided exclusively by Legal Aid BC to British Columbians on very low income who qualify for their services.

Everyone Legal Clinic (lower cost representation services)

You can also receive an online referral to a supervised articling clinician at our Everyone Legal Clinic if you:

  1. Have a family, tenancyemployment, wills/estates, civil, corporate, consumer or criminal law issue
  2. Have the ability to pay for the clinician’s fixed-fee representation services after an initial meeting
  3. Are willing to work with the clinician by telephone or videoconference
  4. Can communicate in English

If you meet all of the above criteria, you can use the Clinic's 24/7 online booking service or Client Line (778-200-4478) to schedule an initial meeting with a clinician (up to 30 minutes) by videoconference or telephone. Our articling clinicians work under the supervision of practising lawyers, and provide legal services on a lower-cost, fixed-fee basis.

Meet with an articling clinician