Roster Program

Our Roster Program provides free legal representation services for particular case types to low and modest income individuals. Our staff and volunteer coordinators screen client applications, and then send successful applications to a number of volunteer lawyers for their consideration. If a volunteer lawyer chooses to take on a particular case, they choose the scope of their services. We extend insurance and disbursement coverage to all Roster Program cases.

Pro bono service
All litigation matters
Low and modest income individuals

Barristers’ Program

Our Barristers’ Program incorporates our former Court of Appeal Program, Federal Court Program and Judicial Review Program. It serves as a general litigation program for civil, criminal and administrative law matters, but does not cover BC Provincial Court or Supreme Court trials. Roster lawyers provide a variety of limited and extended litigation services, such as drafting court documents (e.g. petition, affidavits), researching and preparing written submissions, preparing chambers records, and presenting legal arguments in court.


Family Law Program

Through our Family Law Program, volunteer lawyers provide assistance and representation to clients in matters such as drafting and arguing applications, conducting trials, mediating disputes, drafting separation agreements, and securing consent orders. Although the range of potential assistance is unlimited, our Family Law Program is specifically designed to enable pro bono help in the form of limited-scope or “unbundled” tasks.


Refugee Program

Our Refugee Program matches and supports volunteer lawyers in helping British Columbians (as individuals or groups) who seek to sponsor one or more refugees from Syria, Iraq or elsewhere. Volunteer lawyers provide free legal help to self-identified sponsors for the benefit of the refugees who seek to settle in BC.


Wills & Estates Program

Our Wills & Estates Program is designed to facilitate the provision of pro bono legal services in non-litigious estate matters, such as drafting wills, powers of attorney, committee agreements, and representation agreements.