Brief 12-month report on APB accomplishments and stats

APB’s annual Pro Bono Report covers organizational progress over its fiscal year ending March 31, and presents an early and very brief summary of the APB Annual Report released later in October.

The 2012 Pro Bono Report shows healthy progress in the number of lawyers and paralegals engaged in providing pro bono legal services to BC’s low-income individuals, and the parallel number of low-income indviduals served.  It also shows steady service expansion in APB’s Summary Legal Advice Program (14 new clinics, including 4 Skype clinics and 10 telephone clinics serving BC’s rural and remote communities) and legal representation projects (the Children’s Lawyer Program in Victoria, the Wills Clinic Project and a new “low-bono” project in Vancouver).  All in all, 2011/12 was a very productive year for APB.

Interestingly, the first quarter of 2012/13 has shown immense growth in the number of individuals served by APB’s Summary Legal Advice Program.  APB is on track to provide free legal advice to twice the number of individuals (approximately 12,000) in 2012/13 than in 2011/12, despite maintaining its current staffing level in the face of a recent core funding cut.  The funding cut, however, has resulted in the shut-down of the Children’s Lawyer Program in Nanaimo and APB’s Non-Profit Law Seminars for the foreseeable future.