Consumer Protection Clinic

APB is the recipient of funds from a class action lawsuit Steele and Others v Toyota Canada Inc and others. In it plaintiffs alleged that Toyota breached anti-competition laws and created a program that actually undermined consumer’s right to negotiate a fair market price. It was settled. Part of the understanding in receiving the funds is that APB would provide a Consumer Protection Clinic to provide summary advice for individuals with potential or actual Consumer Protection cases.

Legal topics covered:

  • Unfair debt collection practices (including payday loans);
  • Bankruptcy counseling and advice;
  • Foreclosure prevention;
  • Unfair and deceptive advertising of consumer and financial products and services;
  • Product liability claims;
  • Unfair credit reporting; and,
  • Issues involving BC Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act.

Standard 2 hour clinics with 4 appointments at the JAC in Vancouver and the Canadian Chinese Consumer Association in Richmond. 

For more information about your consumer rights, consider the following resources: