APB sponsors an Annual Appreciation Breakfast where we recognize the contributions of all our volunteer lawyers and supporters for the preceding year.

Annual Appreciation Breakfast

Each spring, we give special recognition to two volunteer lawyers for outstanding service to the public.  We present the APB Dugald Christie Award for service in our summary advice clinics, and the APB Allan Parker QC Award for service under our Roster Program.

APB Dugald Christie Award for Advice Services

This award was originally given annually by the Western Canada Society to Access Justice to recognize an individual Canadian or a Canadian organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the provision of free legal services.  The award sought to acknowledge leadership and activities to improving access to justice in local communities, as well as the nominees’ commitment to free legal service work on behalf of individual clients, communities, or charitable organizations.  The award is given in the name of the late Dugald Christie who was the founder of Access Justice.  It is now given annually as an award from APB.

Past Recipients

2015: Forrest Nelson

2014: Hartney & Company

2013: Les Blond

2012: Daniel J. Barker

2011: Alison Sawyer

2010: Dale Darychuk

2009: Thomas F. Braidwood

2008: Catalin Mitelut

APB Allan Parker QC Award for Representation Services

This award was originally given annually by Pro Bono Law of BC to recognize the contribution of individual lawyers serving on the various representration rosters.  Since the merger of Access Justice and Pro Bono Law of BC, one award has been given each year to recognize the exemplary representation services of an individual volunteer lawyer.  In October 2011, the award was named in honour of the late Allan Parker QC who was an Executive Director of Access Justice and an Associate Executive Director of APB.

Past Recipients

2015: Mathew Good

2014: Jeremy Shragge

2013: Gavin Laird

2012: Claire E. Hunter

2011: Catherine Brink

2010: Troy McLelan

2009: Brent B. Olthuis

2008: Jennifer Spencer